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Original Beard Oil

Beard Jam products are made of the finest mix of only natural ingredients. They are made to look after your beard and skin in the best possible way...

Hand Made

All Beard Jam products are mixed by hand and 100% safe for use on your skin and facial hair (safety certificate).

Beard Oil effects

By applying beard oil to a freshly washed, towel dried beard you allow all the natural oils to condition, hydrate and moisturise both your facial hair and skin, which will increase healthy beard growth, stop any irritations and keep your facial hair soft & tangle free.

Beard Balm effects

Beard Balm offers the benefits of Beard Oil, but with hold. Beard Jam Beard Balm contains the nourishing oils of our Beard Oil, alongside Shea Butter and Beeswax. This allows you to retain the perks of the Beard Oil, but to also tame, shape, and hold the beard in place. 

How to Apply Beard Oil

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